Best fitness trackers in 2015

In five years fitness trackers probably won’t be a thing. They’ll be built into watches or clothing or your phone. But right now they’re the best way we have to use technology to get in shape. There are a million of them and they all do essentially the same things. They count your steps and they tell you if today's number is better than yesterday’s. But a really good one will also tell you if you’re not sleeping well. It will remind you subtly or not so subtly to eat better or go to bed a little earlier or get out and exercise more. And it either looks good or is basically invisible, or both.

They come in all shapes and sizes but the best fitness tracker you can buy right now is the Jawbone UP24. The reason is simple — it's just crazy powerful. The UP does basic step tracking essentially the same as any other device but it's really the most powerful when it comes tracking your sleep. It tracks that incredibly well and pairs it with your activity and your diet to give you these awesome small tips about how to do better tomorrow. Plus the vibrating alarm which wakes you up at the perfect point in your sleep cycle is just the best.

The UP24 also syncs wirelessly unlike the regular UP so everything is always up-to-date automatically. But where the UP24 gets really powerful is its integrations. You can send your UP data to MyFitnessPal or bunch of other apps or you can let it work with your Nest thermostat to have the temperature automatically change when you go to bed. It works with some food delivery services so it’ll know you are eating as soon as you order it. Using if this than that there's even a huge list of other things you can as well. It turns the UP24 from a simple fitness tracker into an essentially limitless data collection machine.

It comes in nice colors, it doesn't look geeky, the battery lasts a week and it's just the best fitness tracker you can buy right now.

The only other one even worth looking at is the Garmin vivofit which is basically the exact opposite of the UP24. It has kind of an ugly basic app, it doesn't do much other than just count your steps and it's not great looking.

But we like that it has a screen on it and it tells the time and we really like that its battery lasts a full year. If you want to buy a step counter and not a whole health ecosystem, the vivofit is a really strong choice. 

Ultimately, you should really pick the one you like wearing the most because whether or not you keep it on is the main thing that matters in a fitness tracker. But if you're committed to getting and staying healthy, eating and sleeping and exercising better, the Jawbone UP is by far the most qualified device to help.