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Manufacturer Description

HeHa Qi is approved health monitor by *Harvard & TW Hospital also a striking smart wristband fitness tracker in CES 2016.
* A data collection tool in clinical research at Brigham and Women's Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and used as a dedicated device in clinical research by National Taiwan University Hospital.

HRV is a new method for assessing the effects of stress on body. It's measured as the time gap between heart beats that varies as breathe in and out. In general, a high HRV indicates dominance of the parasympathetic response, the side of the autonomic nervous system that promotes relaxation, digestion, sleep, and recovery. The parasympathetic system is also known as the "feed and breed"or "rest and diges" system. A low HRV indicates dominance of the sympathetic response, the fight or flight side of the nervous system associated with stress, over training, and inflammation. That¡¯s why more and more people has been using HRV for decades to track the health and recovery of their patients, and it's why HRV is a predictive indicator of overall heart health, risk of heart attack, and other cardiac events.

Health Monitor 2-min health check, your electrocardiographic signals are measured for HRV analysis. Including, Restoration: the activity of parasympathetic nervous system which determines your ability to switch from a tensed state to a relaxed state. Biological Age: What your actual body age is. Stress: How stressed you are. Balance: Assessing the balance of your autonomous nervous system.

Bluetooth Version: V4.0
Smartphone Compatible: Most smart phone(iPhone 5 / iOS 7.0 and above / Android 4.0 and Above)
Endurance: 30 days(Based on a daily usage of 16 hours in walking mode, 8 hours in sleep mode, 3 Qi index measure and 1 breathing training)
Charging: 1 - 2 Hours (Charge for 8 hours before the first use)
Memory: Record data of 7 days

Product Features

Waterproof IPX7 - incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. It works for almost anything you can throw at it on a typical day, no matter splashes, rain or snow, showering even hot/cold water. Long battery life(Work for 30-days only once charge) and shock resistance. Comfortable hand-feel activity tracker to wear - this wristband is made of a flexible, anti-allergic, durable elastomer material. It can worn in a colorful wristband or clip inside of your suit, so you can keep this companion with you at all times. Fits wrist circumference 7.87 inches (200mm) or small. Heart rate variability(HRV) - is a relatively new method for assessing the effects of stress on your body. A biomarker showing promise as a broad indicator of overall health and fitness, or the variation in the intervals between heart beats. With smart phone app, easy to know your stress, fatigue and even burnout. Innovative function: 2-min health check, including, restoration, biological age and stress. 3-min breathing training to help relax and reduce stress Keeping fit - Real time heart rate tracking, just need 3-sec to check even during sports or exercise. Tracking walk steps and calorie burned in day, and help to track, analysis sleep quality in night. 8 groups of silent alarms wake you up, remind to rest or take medicine Community - Fun with you friends with our group community to share with them and even a challenge. Have a Personal Trophies, earn a variety of trophies after reaching your personal goals to remain motivated. Whether you start your group or join a new group, HeHa App helps you to meet a new friend and keeps you and your friends active through team battle

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