Slope Silicone Men's Wedding Ring, Safe, Tough, and Durable Wedding Ring for Athletes, Craftsmen, Tradesmen, Electricians, Firemen, Travelers, Bikers, Campers, Outdoor Adventurers "Always On and showing your commitment"

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Manufacturer Description

When was the last time you wore your actual wedding ring while going camping, to the gym, for a swim, to the beach, and the list goes on and on.... Our real wedding rings are too precious to risk damaging them in real life activities. In fact, people don't even cook with them on! So what then? Should you go around without a ring on your fingers? If you're proud of your marriage and want to be a bit loud about it, get this fantastic silicone wedding ring band. Designed to replace your real ring, it will be your partner while you go around in your life. You can of course pop out the real ring for a dinner, but this ring will be the symbol of your marriage when you take off the suit.

For a little price, you don't get just one, but two valuable rings, so even you lose one, you always have the other one at hand! So what are you waiting for? The next scratch on that band of gold? Order the silicone rings now and relax

Product Features

Commitment: One word that defines a marriage. And one word which defines the purpose of this ring. Designed to replace your actual wedding ring, this silicone ring symbolizes commitment to your beloved spouse. Since you can't really go rock climbing or swimming or in fact do any sports, and well, most of your daily activities wearing your real ring, why not wear this symbol instead? Resilient: Make this ring a testament of your undying love. Designed to be resilient and durable to the core, this silicone ring will deliver under the harshest conditions. You can climb mountains, go swimming or simply play golf. All with ease and without worrying about misplacing the real deal. Comfortable: The simple yet classic design is made to ensure your comfort. Not only is the silicon flexible, but it can easily mold to your finger shape. So if your fingers swell for a reason during hardcore sport, your ring won't become an uncomfortable hassle. Safe: While it's meant to last, this ring won't be any danger to you. It will immediately break away at 40lbs of pressure to prevent finger amputation. Plus the silicone used is completely toxin free and Hypoallergenic making if safe for sensitive skin. Warranty: Our exceptional quality standards are only matched by our customer care. Is the ring size imperfect? No worries, we'll have it swapped in no time! Plus since we claim our ring to be tough as nails and ready to tackle any big time adventure, we promise to replace it if it breaks!

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